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Ryū no makimono 龍の巻物 (scroll of the dragon) - "Destroyer of all styles, the one true ultimate style, it transcends the power of The Dragon God, which exceeds all human ability."

Ryū no Makimono setting is in an Asian-influenced world of martial arts and chi manipulation. The show will draw elements from Europe and Asia. It follows the adventures of Fudo Wu Long a 20yr old Chinese /Japanese Jun Fan fighter from Zhànshì 战士- (warrior) a mythical land in southern china. He was raised as a disciple by a Jun Fan master who was known as Kage Ryū (Shadow Dragon). At a Jun Fan School that was legendary for the Shadow style technique. At 20 years of age, Fudo was the best student his school had ever seen. When his master scolded him for fighting outside the temple, in a martial arts tournament, an enraged Fudo ran away from the temple. At the same time, a number of murders at the martial arts school, including Kage Ryū, killing Kage Ryū himself along with a few of his disciples, are committed by a powerful martial artist who looks like Fudo. Because of Fudo’s reckless behavior and disobedience caused the entire temple to cast suspicion upon him. Fudo now sets out on a journey to prove his innocence and seek revenge on the mysterious doppelganger who took the life of his brothers and his master. Before he sets out on his journey his child hood friend, Zhong Chou tells him of the Ryū no makimono龍の巻物 (scroll of the dragon), which can bestow power of The Dragon God, Shen Long, which exceeds all human ability, and that it can help him succeed in his quest . Fudo’s journey leads him to japan and there he makes several friends and battles a wide variety of villains, many of whom also seek the Ryū no makimono for their own desires.

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